We Pursue Social Impact

We act as catalysts for big ideas.

Operating organizations, whether in the private sector or the social sector, are built to deliver value directly to their customers, funders, and owners. Organizations that seek to change systems must think of themselves as catalysts, beginning and accelerating “chemical reactions” in the ecosystem of their work, involving many stakeholders directly and indirectly.

A significant share of our work is in this catalytic mode:

  • We serve as strategic advisors to leaders and innovators in the social sector
  • In partnership with foundations and with coalitions of actors across sectors, we play a catalyst role in advancing systems change
  • Many of the ventures in our portfolio are built to achieve significant social impact as well as financial value

This work spans a range of areas, including youth employment, civic participation, education, health, the effectiveness of government, and the social impact of business.

A selection of our partners