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Rebecca Trupin

Rebecca Trupin is fascinated by what makes organizations work well and how to improve organizational capacity. She has enjoyed tackling these questions from a number of angles, including program planning and evaluation, entrepreneurship, and qualitative field research.

Before joining Incandescent, she spent several years moving back and forth between Tanzania and New York City, working in international development, U.S. domestic social policy and welfare, the Tanzanian import-export sector, Tanzanian business development, and the coffee industry.

While in Tanzania, Rebecca helped found four coffee farming cooperatives and worked with the Aranga Coffee Group. She continues to work with these groups, linking them to buyers in the US and Europe and advising on quality improvement. She also visits whenever possible.

Rebecca earned her B.A. in Political Science from Yale University, focusing on international development, problems of collective action, and peace and conflict studies. When not on the phone to her Tanzanian cooperatives, she can often be found taking long runs or making music with friends.