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Mark McCoy

Mark McCoy brings to Incandescent a personal interest in understanding systems -- within individuals, institutions and ecosystems -- at a foundational level and identifying powerful leverage points for intervention. At Incandescent, Mark has worked in both research and advisory capacities, with a primary focus on clients tackling systems-level problems. 

Prior to Incandescent, Mark founded and operated a Vancouver-based company that supported non-profits across North America in the creation and implementation of volunteer management and sponsorship development initiatives. Concurrently, he spent six years designing and delivering leadership, personal effectiveness, and business strategy curricula to high school, undergraduate and graduate business students in Vancouver, Canada.

Mark earned his B.Comm in Finance from the Sauder School of Business at The University of British Columbia. Mark spends his free time reading across a range of topics and disciplines, cycling the roads of New York and New Jersey, or indoors at spin classes during bouts of inclement weather.