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Darko Lovric

Darko Lovric is focused on helping large companies innovate and advising ventures in the psychology and people analytics space. This allows him to combine his interests in thinking about a (different) future and exploring the intersection of business and psychology. 

Prior to Incandescent, Darko was a Fellow of the World Economic Forum, where he worked with public and private sector leaders to understand our changing world, including deeper examinations of the impact of digital technologies on other industries, the future of health, the dynamics of resource scarcity, and the political realities of the Arab world. He started his career with Goldman Sachs as a Human Capital Analyst, subsequently joining Deloitte to focus on change management and post-merger integration. Both of these experiences provided insights into how people and organizations pursue (or avoid) strategic change.

Darko holds five university degrees (two bachelors and three masters) in the fields of psychology (Warwick), psychiatry (Oxford), business (Zagreb), foresight (Houston) and leadership (WEF in cooperation with Wharton, Columbia, INSEAD and LBS). He now feels he is credentialed enough and is actively avoiding further university applications.

Darko loves rowing, sailing and restaurant-centered travel (which makes the other two hobbies necessary).