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Connor Noon

Connor Noon brings passions for learning and structure to his role at Incandescent. As a student of economics and strategy, he is fascinated by the challenges that enterprises and early stage ventures face.

Connor joined Incandescent after working in a range of operational roles in early-stage technology startups. Beginning in his first year of college, he co-founded a startup, PromoteU, to help small businesses better leverage social media to generate new revenue and customer loyalty. After, Connor traveled to Los Angeles to join Jumpcut Studios, where he helped YouTube content creators to grow and monetize their audiences using organic and paid tactics. In San Francisco, he led business development at Wrangle, a startup developing software to simplify university recruiting. Connor then joined Spotify’s ad monetization team where he refined sales practices, distilled insights to guide product development, and evaluated market opportunities. Most recently, Connor worked with the Peruvian engineering company Graña y Montero to improve its multinational training academy.

Connor earned his B.A. in Economics from Dartmouth College and has completed an abridged MBA program at the Tuck School of Business. In his free time, Connor enjoys playing guitar, singing, and appreciating the sunrise over Manhattan from his apartment in Hoboken.