We’re discovering better ways to create, build and run organizations

“What business are you in?”

Peter Drucker taught the importance of asking this
fundamental question.

At the deepest level, we are in the same business as Drucker himself.  We seek to produce actionable knowledge about how human enterprise works and how it can work better.

Our fundamental goal
is understanding

We seek understanding in three ways:

  • We conduct our own research
  • We synthesize the best ideas of others, weaving these threads into our own theory and practice
  • We engage in problem solving as advisors and business builders, learning from what works

The test of knowledge
is application

We spend as much time investigating the quotidian as the cutting edge.

Management is an art of simple, fundamental parts.  Mastering this foundation enables one to build extraordinary things.

As advisors and as business builders, we test what we learn.

As advisors, we serve as thought partners to CEOs, founders and innovators on the long-term evolution of their institutions: where to go and how to get there

We work at the level of whole institutions, rather than optimizing parts

Often, clients seek consultants to solve well-defined, bounded problems based on deep specialization. The leading firms excel in applying industry expertise to solve problems they’ve solved many times before.

We aren’t like them. Our work connects disparate parts of the picture to understand where an organization needs to go and how it gets there. We excel at solving problems for which experts don’t yet exist.

We think in terms of clients, not projects

Most of our work doesn’t fit neatly into conventional consulting models. The biggest questions demand a process of discovery.

While some of our work proceeds through a clear beginning, middle and end to reach a defined deliverable, much of it unfolds over longer periods of time, integrated into the fabric of the client’s organization, directed toward a deeply significant long-term objective.

The ultimate test of understanding is what one can build with it

We engage in the work of entrepreneurship as a natural consequence of the work of research and advising.

We turn ideas into businesses: sometimes in the role of conceiving and incubating, sometimes in the role of co-founding and building
with partners.

Incandescent aspires to be a firm that is expressive of our own best ideas

We approach our work as a laboratory.

On any given day at our office, you’d likely see a cluster of us huddled around a white board asking how ideas we apply in managing our own firm relate to the work we do with clients, or introspecting about what our research and work as advisors imply for our own practices.

We are building a small team, slowly and carefully

We’re synthesizers, integrators, innovators – our work is about connecting the dots.

Each member of the team, in every role, plays an integral part in developing Incandescent as a firm that discovers better ways to create, build and run organizations.

We collaborate with the best experts in the world and weave the insights of specialists into the fabric of how we solve broader problems.

We invite you to learn with us

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